Wednesday, September 26, 2007


This is a concept for a board game based on the book "The Bonus Years Diet" by Ralph Felder and Carol Colman.
The catch line of the book says: 7 miracle foods including Chocolate, RedWine, and Nites that can add 6.4 years on average to yourlife!

Now thats interesting! Isn't it! Almost every health doctor you visit, they would tell to avoid these food! And here is this person saying to have it!
You should definitely check out the recipes in the book!

The game setting :
We have a 2dimensional board (that can later be extended to 3d board) , this is a checkered
board like the ones on a chess board.

The crossings are called the nodes and there are some nodes that are called the Check Points.
The nodes are the points that contain the different kinds of food. Thus there is a bonus food or a junk food that is kept at the nodes.

Each cell contains some vital information based on the book. Some entertaining information about food that people would generally not know. This informatio could also mean some medicinal and calorific values of some food.

Some of the nodes in the grid will contain Check points. The purpose of these check points is that the players can exchange their collected food for recipes and accordingly get points.

The game play:
Two or more players can play the game and the idea is to collect as many recipes and points as possible and not let the points fall to zero at any time. The first person to reach zero points loses.

The idea is to travel along the paths across the board. There is no start or end points but the players can decide on a common place to start. (In the diagram it is shown by the yellow star. This can be changed after each game).
The turn is played on a dice and whatever number a player gets, they have to move that much places. The constraint however is that the move can be only vertical or horizontal and not diagonal.

On moving from one node to other , the nodes crossed gives the corresponding food (depicted on a card). This obtained card could be a bonus card or a junk card. Note that the collecting too much junk food maybe harmful for your body and hence carry less or negative points. At the nodes that the person crosses, they get points accordingly. Note that the bonus carry positive health points and the other junk food carry negative health points.

The aim of the game is not to let the points reach zero. Or in other words not to let the health of the player to reduce to zero.

The users can select any path to traverse and on reaching a node that is a check point, they can exchange their card for recipes. For each recipe there is a certain amount of bonus points associated.

The recipes are decided before hand and they can get the list of recipes beforehand. This way they can decide which path they should take in order to go to a particular check point to collect that recipe.

If the player decides to cross another person's path, the person whose path is crossed has to move one place in the direction that the first person chooses.

This game can be further developed to become a 3d maze where the players are required to go through a 3d environment to do the same thing. To make things more interesting, the walls could be made of chocolate, and the streams in the game could be wine streams!

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