Monday, September 10, 2007

Sanctuary makers

Come, lets create more sanctuaries and wildlife preserves for our planet!

The idea is inspired by this clip on creating the Gabon wildlife sanctuaries.
Gabons Parks Tribeca

The idea is to build a sanctuary / wildlife preserve based on the geographic conditions of the place.
Each location would be different for the 4 players.
Each location would require a different combination of resources to make a sanctuary.
Thus, say for Africa region they would require this combination.
A sanctuary here would comprise of 2 water body, atleast 3 species of trees, 3 species of animals.

Similarly for another region the combination required would be different. This combination would be revealed by the winning player only at the end of the game.

4 players start with the 7 different cards.

The goal is to collect the 8 cards to generate a sanctuary. The combination of cards required would be based on the location.
The 8th card would be the final card that they would pick up when they think that including would make the desired combination.

Total number of cards in the stack 48. (7 each of Creators and Destroyers i.e. 42 +3 UN Forces + 3 Ice Age)

The sanctuary creators :
An animal card.
A tree card.
Any water body card.
The UN Forces Card (the player can use this card as any other one resource card, this is the TRUMP CARD.)

The sanctuary destroyers:
The drought (the water body has dried up, player gives up the water body card)
The heat (trees have burnt out , the player has to submit one of his tree card)
The poachers (the player gives up one of the animals card)
The Ice Age Card (the player who gets this card looses after submitting all their card. This card is to be kept in the stack after the first round of distribution of cards has taken place).

Game Play and Rules:
After every turn, a player has to select a card from the stack of cards and submit one on the play area. The next player in turn may pick this card up or take the card from the stack. The selected card is not to be shown to the other users. However if the player gets the Ice Age card,
they have to show it and exit from the game. At this stage all the cards of the leaving player are also added to stack along with the Ice age card and shuffled again.

If a player gets a sanctuary destroyer card and does not have the resource, they have to give up any two resources that they possess. This can be their choice as to which ones they want to give up.

In case of the player having lost all their card, they loose, and are out of the game.

The player who is able to create a sanctuary first with the desired combination is the winner!

This could also be used as a game to increase awareness about the environment about a particular location. There is a good amount of learning involved, since this makes the players aware of the various factors that responsible for the destruction of wildlife and sanctuaries.

The Sanctuary Creators and the Sanctuary Destroyers cards could be further designed based specifically on a particular location and make the game more demanding.

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